I like to keep up with the news, and have a couple of well-known “news aggregator” sites I go to on my computer tablet. These sites don’t stick to either a liberal or conservative line, but draw from both categories, and I enjoy cautiously reading through them.

But as I scroll my way down through the news articles, I am perpetually annoyed by an ad that shows up again and again. One version of the ad offers to let me in on the secret of “How Older Men Tighten Their Skin,” and another version suggests that I allow it to give me the full facts about ““The Only Skin Tightener Men Will Ever Need.” It would be one thing if the ad just scrolled up once, but it comes up over and over in the same news article.There’s a screen’s worth of news, and then suddenly “The Only Skin Tightener,” then another news screen, and so on.

I realize, of course, that ads pay for sites like these, and that if there were no ads I would have to forfeit a perpetual subscription fee. And I realize also that the advertisers have probably corralled enough information about me to know that I am no longer an energetic 20-something, but have slid inexorably into the Older Man category, with potentially flabby skin.

But what annoys me are the presuppositions these ads have adopted: (1) my skin is loose, (2) whatever loose skin I may have bothers me enough to make me forage around for a way to tighten it, (3) I have been desperately searching among such products and have been repeatedly disappointed by their ineffectiveness, and (4) “The Only Skin Tightener Men Will Ever Need” will bring my search to a triumphant end, allowing me to face my world every morning with my epidermis taut as a drum.

None of those propositions affect me in my least. I don’t think my skin is loose, and even if it were, I’ve earned that venerable look. Who wrote the rule that says I have to look younger than I am?

So what’s my point here? This ad is trying to goad me into pretending I’m someone besides myself. And it doesn’t have the right to do that.

Spiritually speaking, God has always insisted that we go against the flow, swim against the current, reject the path the majority follow. The link below gives Romans 12:2 in many English translations. Take a moment to read them through, and resolve to be your own person–and to let God be the one to change you into His likeness!