I’m on the email list of my hometown high school, and have been hearing how the venerable old buildings are going to be replaced by brand-new structures. Recently, workers were dismantling a temporary wall built several years ago when they discovered inside a gigantic painting which depicted a pioneer prairie scene, with horses and people, very professionally one.

Somebody posted a photo of the painting online, and it drew a lot of nostalgic comments from alumni. One person said that her brother had a part in this artistic work. Evidently an art teacher, or some other staffer, had sketched out the scene and had given students careful instructions on how to apply the paint. But later, the wall was constructed, and since the painting didn’t go well with the new decor, it was slid inside. And until that wall was recently removed, the patterns and beauty of that painting were concealed.

Isn’t that the way people have often concealed God’s creatorship? Years ago I read how an atheist was scoffing at the human appendix. “What’s the use of the appendix?” he said (I’m paraphrasing). “It has no useful function, yet there it is! If there’s a Creator, what could He have been thinking of?”

I was younger back then, and this jolted me a bit. But now I smile indulgently, remembering all the astounding processes which must happen for such a person to even think up, and then communicate, such words. The brain processes the idea, and then sends it either to the typing fingers or the larynx, and the message is sent. And then the recipient uses ears or eyes to receive the message, and the brain decodes it, and the meaning is transferred.

One of my personal pastimes is looking past barriers people have erected against the knowledge of God’s creatorship. And I’m finding many staggering proofs that He does exist after all.