One of my most thrilling experiences as a pastor is watching people use their talents for the Lord. Just this evening at board meeting we heard how one of our members, a hardworking engineer, did a detailed analysis of our church parking lot and the amount of free space we have each Sabbath. The report was impressive, and even more enjoyable was knowing that this person was working completely within his strengths.

Last Sabbath morning during our worship service we first watched a challenging video clip by pastor and author Karl Haffner (I’ve included the clip below). Karl encouraged us to remember Jesus’ stated mission for His disciples–baptize people and teach them Jesus’ ways, citing the last few verses of the book of Matthew. These verses have been called “The Great Commission,” but Karl insists they should be re-labeled “The Every Day Commission.”

Then our congregation turned its attention to thinking about dreams they had for our church and our community. After just five minutes of thinking and writing, they came up with several ideas. I told everyone that they could take some time over the next few weeks to add more ideas to the list.

Have you tried this? Have you opened your heart to the Lord and said, “Lord, what do you want me to do for you?” Try it. It’s thrilling–and I speak from personal experience!

Here’s Karl’s clip–