Photo and Commentary ©2018 by Maylan Schurch
Friday, March 16, 2018

Like you, I get lots of junk mail, all of which I immediately pitch in my home office wastebasket. But once in a while I glean a bit of humor from the lengths to which advertisers go as they try to intimidate me into opening their mail.

The above package was a particular delight. I don’t remember what it was urging me to buy—probably yet another insistance that I refinance our mortgage. The fun, however, was on the outside of the envelope.

My, how official it looks! See part of the word “IMPORTANT” at the left? Notice the white sticker in the center, with its “Act Now” command followed by a whole lot of numbers, hoping to get me to believe that this was personally addressed and mailed at great expense to Maylan Schurch, who desperately needs to open this envelope immediately?

My favorite line, and which still gives me giggles as I stare at this photo, is to the right. It’s just below the “IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED” line, and says, “Do Not Ignore: This has been validated.”

Whoa. Validated? That sounds portentous. Validated by who? (Or “whom” if we wish to remain grammatical.) The envelope remains mysteriously silent on who the Entity was who validated it, but it was probably the same printer who stamped the equivalent of “bulk rate” where the postage stamp should go. Translation: Deliver this packet of important, individually-validated information to as many mailboxes as you can, so that they can all “Act Now!”

Well, I didn’t “Act Now,” and the sky has not fallen. My mortgage interest rate remains the same. The sun still shines, and the early spring birds—and now those raucous peeper frogs—are singing as merrily as ever.

Getting serious, now, there is something else you and I need to act on right away. Paul insists on this, and while he doesn’t dress the invitation up in an alarm-generating envelope, he does include it in his second letter to the Christians at Corinth. “Behold,” he writes, “now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” 2 Corinthians 6:2 NKJV

Because all we really have, all we can be certain of, is right now. Not five minutes from now. That little blood clot you know nothing about may already be coursing through your lower veins, bound to where it will cause a blockage. Or, out in the city, a “buzzed” driver miles away may already be hurtling toward the intersection through which you will move when the light turns green.

How does salvation work? The Bible verses at the link below will tell you what, why and how: