Yes, on Monday of this week I settled back in an endodontist’s chair. Endo, as you might suspect, means “inside” or “within,” and as soon as he numbed me with a few well-placed hypodermic injections, my young and expert and no-nonsense doctor proceeded to burrow into the two long roots of Tooth Number Twelve and scrub them clean. Then he packed them with a substance whose name I do not know, but which smelled strongly like the clove-flavored chewing gum of my youth. And concluding perhaps my shortest ever root canal experience, he put in a temporary filling and sent me on my way.

It wasn’t a uniformly pleasant experience, however. Normally I sleep through dental procedures, but not this one. But a string of reasons gave me complete trust that I was being treated well. First, I trusted the dentist who referred me, and when I met my endodontist, I trusted his alert and articulate way of explaining things to me. I even trusted the X-ray he took of the completed tooth, though I can’t claim to understand the subtleties of dental X-rays.

In New Testament Greek, “faith” and “trust” are the same word: pistis. And in the Bible and in nature, God has given us abundant reason to trust Him—not only to sustain His creation, but to do endo-work on our souls. Check out the Bible verses at this link: