Tuesday of this week, after a visit to let my throat doctor take high-speed videos of my vocal cords (bottom line: the lesion or nodule is getting smaller, and will eventually heal if I treat my voice right!), I stopped for lunch at a Mongolian grill style restaurant.

I arrived at about 3:30 in the afternoon, which for this kind of specialty restaurant is often “down time.” As I was waiting for my platter of grill-cooked veggies, I noticed a restaurant employee sitting at a table in a far corner. He was gazing at his smartphone, and every once in awhile he said something. A woman’s voice replied from the phone, and they chatted back and forth. I noticed that there seemed to several children in the background where the woman was, giggling and squealing and making a lot of noise.

And suddenly I figured it out. Unless I’m missing something, Dad was on break, and rather than surf CNN.com or listen to music, he used his break to call Mom, and spend some virtual time with her and the kids.

Jesus referred to God as “Father” approximately 200 times in the four gospels. Any time He spoke to large groups of people, He constantly used this term to drive home the truth that God is a Heavenly Parent. From all the attention the Father has paid this tiny planet over the years, it’s clear that though sin has driven Him back to a safe distance (safe for us), He cares about you (and about me and my vocal cords) and wants to stay in touch, and can’t wait until we’re together.