Something like twenty churches feed students into Kirkland Seventh-day Adventist School and Puget Sound Adventist Academy. These many constituencies make event planning something of a zoo, because each church has its own calendar, filled with its own schedule created according to its particular mission. And these schedules often clash.

But each year, as if by magic, an event happens which a whole lot of people from these churches manage to flock to. It’s the International Food Fair, which has been taking place for many years, benefiting the student scholarship tuition fund.

It’s Sunday night as I’m writing this, and Shelley and I have just returned home from this year’s Food Fair. If you’ve ever wondered if there can be a win-win-win-win situation, this is it. People come to the gymnasium, spend money on tickets, and then stand in the middle of the gym floor wondering which food booth to go to first. This year (and I know I’m gonna skip some of these booths because I didn’t make it to where they were) we had food created by people from Russia, Indonesia, Asia (specifically Korea), Italy, Brazil, Venezuela, and I think from one of the South Sea islands.

On the way home Shelley was checking her smartphone, and the image of a food plate popped up from somewhere. “Don’t look at this,” she told me, and as I caught sight of it, I understood why. We had both feasted sumptuously at the Food Fair, and couldn’t imagine eating anything more.

Jesus loved banquets, and attended them often. No doubt He appreciated the food—after all, He was the one who created taste buds–but most of all He cherished every opportunity to be with people, and to use the conviviality of a meal to influence them toward the heart of His Father.

Can we even imagine what heaven’s first potluck meal will be like? People from all over the planet, and from many eras of human history, will harvest the fruits and vegetables of heaven to create as closely as possible the foods of their own cultures. And Jesus will be there, and His Father, and the Holy Spirit, rejoicing in the company of their children.

Won’t you resolve to read the Bible—maybe beginning with John’s gospel—and plan to attend that International Inter-era Food Fair?