Photo and Commentary ©2018 by Maylan Schurch
Sabbath, February 10, 2018

Yesterday morning on a walk through our neighborhood I noticed this poster on the ground. It still had strips of plastic tape which had once anchored it to a mailbox or other vertical surface (there was none nearby). The poster, though protected by a plastic sleeve, had folded, probably because of the moisture, so that I had to unfold it to get this picture.

Sweet little dog, right? I felt sorry for Libby, and was in the process of starting to feel sorry for her owners (whose phone number I have blanked out), until I started reading the poster more closely.

Taking it from the top, we have the fact that the dog is lost, and then her name. But can you make out what it says after “Chihuahua, Female”? It says she’s five years old. And look at the next line: “No collar or tags.”

Okay, what’s the story here? Little Libby is a cherished part of the family, right? So cherished that a “Reward” in red letters is offered, and so cherished that a piteous “Do Not Chase” is added. But evidently not cherished enough to provide her, even after five years, with collar or tags!

Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe an aged relative was Libby’s first owner, and the relative recently passed away or went into a nursing home where you can’t have pets, and Libby was taken in by adult childen. Confused and missing her original owner, Libby escapes, maybe wriggling out of that collar with those tags. Maybe that’s it.

However, the bottom line remains the same: Libby should have had a collar around her neck, with tags. And a chip, if she’s truly treasured.

I’ve got good news for you. Not about Libby (I hope she’s been found by now) but about your eternal safety. Not only does God know your name, and the current tally of hairs on your head (see Luke 12:7), but ‘way back at this planet’s creation, He had already worked out a plan for your personal salvation. Revelation 13:8 calls Jesus the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”

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