Photo and Commentary ©2018 by Maylan Schurch
Friday, January 19, 2018

I always love looking at the bulletin boards as I walk along the halls at Kirkland Seventh-day Adventist School, where I volunteer each week.

What you see above is just a sample of the display I saw a couple of days ago. The teacher provided each of the students with a line drawing of a mitten, and told them to color it however they wanted.

As you can see, no two of these creations are alike, and the same was true for the rest of the mittens I didn’t photograph. And I have a strong suspicion that not a single student peeked at someone else’s design and tried to copy that. Instead, I’m sure that each kid thought, “Aha! Now’s my chance to express myself!” and got down to it. And across that entire bulletin board, nobody colored his or her mitten black, or even gray.

Besides the many-hued creativity, something else touched me about these multicolored mitts—they’re coldweather protectors, and still they’re beautiful. Now these Seattle-area  kids, of course, don’t really know what cold is like. Nor snow. They’ve most likely never felt their fingers freezing even inside their gloves on a twenty-below day. But even if they had, I’m sure this wouldn’t have affected their color-palettes.

Here on this enfeebled and defective planet, you and I are often called upon to get creative even as the chill winds of sin seek out the crevices in our spiritual armor. In our own times of dreariness, we can remember God’s promises. And if we know someone else who’s going through a wintry time, we can provide them with warmhearted encouragement.

For some Bible texts on encouragement, click the link just below.