Photo and Commentary ©2017 by Maylan Schurch
Sabbath, October 28, 2017

Okay, this photo is going to really test your brain—in fact, the test may be just how much your brain aligns with mine. (If they do align, maybe you should start worrying!)

Anyway, here goes. A few days back I was discarding a packet of paper which had had a rubber band around it, probably for several months or a year. Naturally, the rubber band was old, and it snapped, so I tossed in in my home office trash can.

Later, as I passed the trash can, I glanced down, and—such is the way my brain works—I spotted a cartoonish version of a disgruntled bald man, gazing left, with what look like black cotton blinders covering his eyes. (Can’t see it? Squint your eyes so you just see the outline.)  I carefully took him, along with the paper on which he had landed, out of the trash can and snapped this photo.

Later, as I saw the photo on my computer screen, I observed another man, this one with a much larger nose, looking to the right, but not disgruntled. If anything (if we’re to judge by what looks like a little closed eyelid to the left of the blinders), he looks disinterested enough to be dozing off.

If you have trouble spotting either of my guys, I traced them and added a few crudely artistic touches to make their personalities more clear, if possible. Here they are:

So what am I getting at here? If you and I as Christians don’t see the world clearly through the lens of the Bible, which gives perspective to this planet’s tragedy, we might become so distraught as to feel helpless anger. Or we might go into overload and stop reacting at all.

Instead—and I had no rubber band to portray this—we need to ask the Lord to send His Holy Spirit to open our eyes to the real meaning of Scripture, which is “For God so loved the world that He gave.” Then, all grumpiness or disinterest will begin to evaporate, and we will see the world through the loving eyes of its Creator.

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